Monday, November 28, 2011


Hej alla!
Hoppas allt är bra med er och att ni haft en bra helg!
Jag tänkte berätta lite om vad jag tänkte skriva om som projekt arbete som vi måste göra nu sista året i skolan. Tänkte även ta det på engelska så att det blir lättare att förstå :)

My plan is to write a guide book of some places in the US. As you probably already have been reading I lived in San Francisco as an exchange student for 6 moths, so i know the city pretty well. So I´m for sure having SF in my book, and also some cities on high way one down to LA, like Santa Cruz and Santa Barbara.
I have also been in NY so I want to have that to in the book, but i don't know as much about NY as I do about SF so it would be awesome if someone who knows NY better than I do could help me.
Finally I´m having Ann Arbor and Detroit in the book! Small cities compared to the other ones but I think it will be great! So those two towns i really need help with cause I´ve never been there.
In the book I´ll have different tips of restaurants, sightseeing, hotels and just stuff to do that you cant find in every tourist guide. I don't just want to have all the big famous places everybody knows about, I want to find some nice genuine places :)
There will also be a lot of pictures (maybe something like the one below) so you will have to show me around in Ann Arbor and maybe Detroit too :))
Hope someone finds it interesting enough to help me :)
Talk to you on thursday!
// Emma :)

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