Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Hey there fellas!

Just a little update:

I looked up the Christmas song "Christmas Shoes" on Youtube the other day...

Do they seriously air that depressing stuff during one of the happiest and joyfilled holidays there is?

Don't get me wrong, it's a very pretty song, but... I've never been that depressed from listening to a song (and I've listened to Rebecka Black)!


  1. Honestly, I had never even heard of that song before last week. It is definitely not that well-known of a song and those who do know of it (except Michaela) hate it because it's really depressing.

  2. Hahah I've heard 'Christmas Shoes' too many times. It is pretty cheesy and depressing. But mostly just catchy. Hah. Maybe it encourages people to help others around the holidays..or just be depressed

  3. I watched it the other days, and I remembered I have seen it before. I have no idea why Michaela likes it so much.

  4. Perhaps it's part of some major conspiracy?
    Step one: Make a depressing christmas song.
    Step two: Uuh...
    Step three: Profit!